Apple introduced its 10th-anniversary-iPhone device at its 12th September keynote held in California. The handset comes equipped with all the modern-day technologies possible. While Tim Cook did not shy away from talking about the awesome features of the smartphone, he, however, made no mention of its availability. As pointed by Tech Radar, reports about Apple delaying the launch of its 2017 flagship have been around for over three months now. The Cupertino giant has apparently run into technical difficulties, which has caused the delay.

Company might postpone the launch

An online publication - USA Today – quoted several (Apple) analysts as now claiming that the company might end up postponing the smartphone’s launch until March next year. Experts at US-based Loup Ventures (investment firm) state that it will take Apple at least the whole of this year to perfect their production. The delay is being caused by the side of its display suppliers – Samsung Displays being in the primary spot. The iPhone X featured OLED display panels (instead of LCD) that are being manufactured by Samsung. The order is so large that it is taking Samsung longer-than-expected to produce the display panels. Since Samsung is Apple’s only display supplier, there aren’t too many choices that the Cupertino giant can make anyway.

Furthermore, the smartphone packs facial recognition technology. This feature replaces the handset’s traditional Touch ID.

The possible reason behind the delay?

It goes without saying that the feature is complex by nature and takes more than usual time to be produced. The report states that Apple might take until November to get finished with the job.

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The firm has already published an official section on its website, which talks about Face ID in detail. As noted by The Verge, the company updated or rather posted a new privacy page on its official website. The six-page-long paragraph touches all aspects of the feature – from its functionality to the various security measures.

The most important detail lies under the section wherein Apple discusses how its software is designed in a manner to learn from its mistakes. Turns out, Apple’s Face ID works the same way Touch ID does.

iPhone X is an important device for Apple as for the first time company is coming up with the bezel-less design. The phone is expected to compete with Samsung's Galaxy S8 and upcoming Galaxy S9. It is interesting to see the clash between the two giants.