The iPhone X, Apple’s latest high-end smartphone, is finally here, and all the rumors and speculations circulating internet prior to its release have died down. So what do experts have to say about iPhone X? The device received mixed reactions, to say the least.

Many people have praised the iPhone X for its overall design and vibrant display, while others criticized it for the innovation (or lack thereof). Also, some experts have concerns about the Face ID and don’t have any idea how it will play out in the real world.

Know Your Mobile cited that almost all of the “new” features Apple boasted on their flagship device have already been done by other smartphone manufacturers for the past four years.

These include an OLED display, wireless charging, and even Face ID.

What about the Ordinary People? Do they think the iPhone X is worth buying at a whopping $1,000? Here’s what they have to say, as shared by CNET.

There’s a new iPhone?

That’s right, while most Apple fans have waited a whole year for the announcement of the next Apple device; others were totally oblivious about the latest product.

CNET asked a Starbucks barista in Marin, California named Kurshina, what her thoughts are about the iPhone X. She simply replied, “Is there a new one?” She was later told that the new product will cost $1,000 and Kushina said that she would not be buying the new one. She added that she couldn’t even work her iPhone 7.

The manager of Starbucks, Melissa, also didn’t know about the device. She said that her iPhone 4 was already enough for her and she only uses it for work.

CNET also got the same reply when they asked a waiter in a restaurant in Santa Ana.

Nothing exciting

After asking people who really didn’t know about the iPhone X, CNET went to a Target in Brea, California, where people will most likely know about the latest Apple Device.

However, a staff member at an electronics department simply stated there is nothing exciting about the new product.

In addition, a staffer at a restaurant in Yorba Linda, California, stated he knew about the iPhone X reveal, but mostly about how Apple had failed to unlock the device with Face ID during the presentation.

A waitress at the restaurant was concerned about the Face ID, in particular, saying that she wouldn’t feel safe enough with the technology. She added that she’s perfectly fine with her iPhone 6.

What do you think about the iPhone X? Are you willing to pay $1,000 for it? Let us know in the comment section down below.