Social media giants are introducing updated and brand new features Day By Day to compete in this rapidly growing era of technology. Twitter is the social media platform that accompanies the lives of millions of people worldwide.

'Popular Articles': an attempt to increase users?

The famous 140-character platform entertains hundreds of millions of users around the globe and has a massive infrastructure.

Unlike other social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter started from the news and built a social community based on concepts of Like, Retweet and Tweet-responses.

However, Twitter is not doing very well especially in recent years.

Although active users are numerous, they are steadily decreasing day by day, and this causes an alarming situation for the company's executives. After various restyling patterns implemented by Twitter, we have been introduced to a new feature known as ‘Popular Articles.'

One of the top most social media platform Twitter has recently launched a new feature named ‘Popular Articles.' The recent update by Twitter will allow the users to see top trending articles on their network.

This feature is the latest addition to social media platform even though it does not seem to be perfect at the moment. The ‘Popular Article’ update by Twitter is confirmed to be available on both iOS and Android platforms.

This new feature update by Twitter will be significantly useful for those users that are not willing to spend much time scrolling the timeline.

The Recent update is a feature that will only show users the articles and stories about which their friends and family circle are engaging.

The website 'BuzzFeed' first spotted the recent feature update. However, a Twitter spokesperson confirmed the feature in a press release afterward.

Popular Articles: an improved version of hashtag system

Just as the name shows, 'Popular Articles' is a section that collects all the main news of the day published by the accounts that the users follow on the platform.

Unlike the hashtag feature, the recent feature will show trusted news and stories, as opposed to the hashtag system that only indicates the story as posted. Additionally, the new Twitter feed will also display most popular tweets along with news stories.

Popular Article’ is an interesting feature that focuses on socializing which is its primary use. However, the new feature is also facing some critical reviews by experts.