Whenever we feel bored at home or are watching a never-ending boring movie in a theater, we probably grab our smartphones and start to check Whatsapp messages, Facebook, or Twitter.

These social media sites are a necessity for the current generation. Necessity, because they help us to keep in touch with friends and family, and the most significant help they provide is letting us know what's going on around us.

These social media websites offer people a platform to share what's going on in their lives. Twitter is one of them. Twitter is basically the best social media site if you want to keep yourself updated with every major news story breaking throughout the world.

What's this new feature 'Tweetstorm' all about?

Tweetstorm feature is simply a twitter feature that'll let you Tweet in a thread-method. Now, what on earth is a thread method? Thread method is a method which helps you to tweet many times on a single topic.

Below is a tweet by Next web's Mett Navara

TechCrunch reports that the feature was not being publicly tested, and Twitter declined to comment on the screenshots, which appear to be from an Android phone.

How will it help if it launches

We all face restrictions of 140 characters on Twitter. Often we have to break our thoughts after every few words to get our whole message across.

This can be pretty awkward to do if you're in a hurry. Sometimes people can't be bothered to tweet if they think they will have to break into many tweets to say what they want to say.

Now, If Twitter launches this stand-out feature, then we don't have to Tweet by using the breaking method to express our deepest thoughts. We can simply write on the same Tweet again and again after every 140 characters as can be seen in the extracted Tweet above.

It'll save a lot of time and effort to be able to write in more than 140 characters.

Twitter has been adding more and more features after tough competition by social media giants like Facebook and Whatsapp. They increased its limit for 'Direct Message' from 140 to 1,000 characters. They also recently added a feature to keep usernames out of tweet box.

Now usernames appear in a different box above the tweet. This facilitates the users expressing their thoughts in 140 characters rather than including usernames in 140 characters.

Twitter is performing well in the share market too. After collapsing last month from US$20 to US$15, now they are stable at 17.5 USD. Keeping users engaged on their social media platform is the main motive of Twitter so it will not be unthinkable for to add this rumored featured in the near future.