Twitter has rolled out its special “Night Mode” feature for desktops today. It will still take a few days before all the accounts receive the latest update. According to a report by tech Radar, this special ability was already functional on IOS and Android platforms since 2016.

Everything you need to know about 'Night Mode'

For those interested in enabling the “Night Mode,” are required to click on their profile pictures situated on the right-hand side of the screen. This will be followed up by several options, out of which, the last one will be “Night Mode.” One can identify this through the help of its moon icon.

Twitter’s normal mode consists o a white background with a bright blue addition. The “Night Mode” will darken these white background and fill the bright blue color with navy blue lines. One can disable the mode, the same way they turn it on. Twitter rolled this set out with the objective to bring some relief to users who operate the social media platform at nights.

Data is getting deleted by Twitter

Another report by The Register claims that Twitter is deleting user’s lists without sending them any warning. These lists consist of multiple tweets, links, photos, and videos and are generally created by journalists, activists, and others to keep their data organized. The users are also provided with the option of keeping these lists private.

The past couple of days has witnessed many of such lists disappearing on the social media platform on a random basis.

An Australia-based journalist and founder of Cryptoparty, Asher Wolf latest tweet reads, “I have three locked lists that I scan for journalism, infosec and Middle East news. Those lists are gone.” There are many other users that claim that their private lists have been made public.

According to a report by Hindustan Times, Twitter has been working towards eradicating hate speech from its platform lately. In the process, the platform has had to eliminate a lot of content that appears as offensive to several communities. It is believed that the random eliminating of posts and lists might be a part of Twitter’s battle against hate speech.

Media publications also claim that this is nothing but an accident. The social Media Platform has been experiencing a year by year fall since long. Its arch-rival Facebook comes up with newer features, stealing most of the users Twitter has. Issues like these occur time and again, which end up disappointing its users.