Samsung may have launched the Galaxy S8 Android smartphone months ago, but the South Korean tech giant has reportedly started the production of its successor, the Galaxy S9. However, the tech company has announced its new Cat 18 LTE modem with 6CA support, which could debut in S9 next year.

The tech giant’s Cat 18 LTE modem with 6CA support is set to go into production this year. The new LTE modem technology can reach download speeds of 1.2Gbps, which is 20 percent faster than Galaxy S8’s 1Gbps modem. The download speed of the new modem would allow future handsets of the tech company to acquire download speeds that could exceed fiber Internet landlines.

In a press release, the tech giant made it known that its new Cat.18 6CA (Carrier aggregation) LTE modem can simultaneously access up to 6 LTE bands. The current S8 models with Exynos 9 8895 chipset only have 5CA LTE support, which can only link to 5 LTE bands at once.

According to Tech Radar, Samsung made it known that its new LTE model will come along with a higher-order 256 Quadrature amplitude modulation scheme as well as a 4×4 Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output support, which increases bandwidth when signals are strong. Nonetheless, the Galaxy S9 Android smartphone would be the first mobile device to arrive with the new modem for international markets.

Specs of the mobile device

However, the Samsung Galaxy S9 as well as the S9 Plus are expected to arrive with the same screen sizes and displays as the S8 handsets.

As reported by GSM Arena, the S9 will come with a 5.77-inch display, while the S9 Plus will boast a 6.22-inch display. But the upcoming smartphones are expected to come along with a dual rear-facing camera, Bixby AI personal assistant and a USB-C port. The tech company is reportedly planning to equip the Galaxy S9 with the Infinity Display technology.

Expected release date

As Samsung is competing with other companies that have been consistently increasing the RAM capacity, the mobile device is expected to boast an 8GB of RAM and 128GB or 256GB of built-in storage. Meanwhile, if the company adheres to its usual release cycle, the upcoming handset would be announced in March 2018, and might go on sale in early April.

The S8 was delayed by a few weeks due to the fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7, which prompted the tech giant to launch a new eight-pointed safety program. Nevertheless, the mobile device is expected to have a $720 price tag.