With more details have started to surface about Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy S9. The Android smartphone could beat the iPhone X in camera features, power, and design. Samsung’s 2018 flagship device is expected to arrive with a camera that is capable of capturing 1,000 frames per second, which is four times faster compared to Apple’s 10th-year-anniversary smartphone.

ETNews (via Daily Tech) reported that while Samsung Galaxy S9's camera can capture 1,000 fps in slow motion, it also features 1800p video capture, which would be perfect for video bloggers.

The media outlet also claimed that the smartphone’s powerful camera could match professional broadcasting camera capabilities.

This could indicate that the camera feature of the Galaxy S9 is beyond today’s industry standard. For instance, Apple’s iPhone X features 1080p videos at 240 frames per second. However, the slow-mo feature of the 10th-year-anniversary handset will most likely be outdated when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The 1,000 fps camera feature of the Galaxy S9 will compete with Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium Android smartphone, which features 960 frames per second. Sony’s device also knocks out the camera feature of Apple iPhone X, but the smartphone falls below Galaxy S9’s camera feature.

Device with powerful DRAM

According to Forbes, among the different features of Samsung’s 2018 smartphone, is the logic processing that will be integrated on its chip along with its powerful DRAM. The DRAM of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to be faster compared to other leading smartphones. One of the reasons why the video camera resolution of S9 will stand out in the smartphone industry is that it will be utilizing on-chip memory.

The only disadvantage of a smartphone having a powerful fps for slo-mo videos is that the device users won't be able to capture long footages. This is because it will depend on the memory chip’s storage limit. Nonetheless, The Galaxy S9 will definitely beat the video camera of iPhone X due to the quality that the device can provide.

Smartphone with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor

Samsung’s 2018 Android smartphone will be a tough contender in the mobile device competition. The handset is expected to arrive with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor, paired with 6GB of RAM. The smartphone is expected to come along with Galaxy Note 8’s dual camera system. The South Korean tech company is anticipated to roll out its 2018 smartphone with an even more stunning design.