Samsung has just launched its Galaxy Note 8 in the markets and even before the device released, Samsung’s president of Mobile Devices, Koh Dong-jin recently revealed some of the future plans for the company. He said that Samsung is currently trying to build a foldable handset and introduce into the Note lineup in 2018. If this is true, then it may mean that the Galaxy Note 8 successor will most likely come with a screen that bends and can be folded.

What did Dong-jin say?

During the launch event for the Galaxy Note 8 in South Korea on Tuesday, the executive revealed that the company was currently in the midst of figuring out how to incorporate the foldable screen into modern day handsets.

If this technology becomes ready by 2018, Samsung may even incorporate it into the Galaxy Note line next year. However, he said that there is still no confirmation that it will debut next year.

He said that the company was trying to perfect the foldable display design and does not want to sell limited number of units with this feature on board. Instead, Samsung intends to mass produce the foldable displays and ensure that the entire Galaxy Note lineup can come with the same concept. So, the feature will only come if the company deems it ready enough to be mass produced and retailed in a global scale.

This is not the first time that news of bendable and foldable OLED panels developed by Samsung have made the news.

Many fans expected Samsung to show off the bendable display technology at the Mobile World Congress in February this year. However, at a later point of time in the year, the company did show off some prototypes of the bendable displays that are being worked on. Samsung Display, the wing of business of Samsung which is in charge of manufacturing all of the screens and display panels for the company’s devices, while also supplying third parties.

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The OLED panels in the latest iPhone X has also been manufactured and supplied by Samsung Display.

Voice-controlled speaker information

Koh Dong-jin also spoke about the voice-controlled smart speaker that Samsung is currently working on. He did not reveal what the device would be called, but confirmed some of the rumors regarding the same.

For instance, he revealed that the smart speaker would be powered by the company’s Bixby digital assistant. He also revealed that Samsung was collaborating with audio-maker Harman to optimize the sound quality offered by the smart speaker. Upon release, this device will compete against the likes of the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and the Apple HomePod.