The Crown is a biographical drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II of UK. The show is directed by Peter Morgan of “The Queen” fame and debuted last year. There is good news for its fans. The show is going to receive the second installment. Netflix confirmed that “The Crown” is going to return in the form of Season 2. Peter Morgan will also direct this one. Rumors suggest that fate of the many characters will be revealed in the upcoming season of the show.

History of the Peter Morgan

Morgan first shot to fame after he wrote the film, “The Queen” in 2006.

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He has been the principal scriptwriter for “The Crown” since its inception. He will be accompanied by a number of other stage producers including Stephen Daldry and Benjamin Caron.

The second season will also be 10-episode long a report by Den of Geek reads.

There are four more seasons of “The Crown,” in the making. The same actors are expected to reprise their roles in the second season. The series is expected to recast each role with older actors every two seasons.

“The Crown” Season 2 is going to start off where the first season stopped. The narration will cover the 1955 to 1964 timeline. In this period, England is a conflict with Egypt. It’s an illegal war caused due to Prime Minister Harold Macmillian's resignation. There’s an unexplained scandal that the main characters are involved in. Queen Elizabeth II will be seen taking some important calls through this period. Her life experiences a lot of changes, and that aspect will be given importance.

The cast of the show

The actors will be replaced in the third season.

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Therefore, it is safe to assume that royal actors like Claire Foy (Queen Elizabeth) and Matt Smith (Prince Philip) will probably show up as regulars on “The Crown” Season 2. The show will also witness the addition of two new faces, Matthew Goode is going to play the character of Antony Armstrong-Jones (Lord Snowdon). Snowdon has been mentioned in history as being a society photographer. He and Princess Margaret were engaged to be married between years, 1960 and 1978. According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, actors, Michael C. Hall (of "Dexter" fame) and Jodi Balfour are also expected to be a part of the show. The actors will play the role of John F Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy respectively. The show’s trailer for the second season is expected to come out soon. The teaser, however, is enough to entice its fans into eagerly waiting for “The Crown” to make its comeback on Netflix.