Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is reportedly worried that her grandson Prince Harry is abandoning, if not rejecting, his royal obligations. The reason behind his bland performance of his royal duties is his girlfriend, “Suits” actress Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry neglecting royal duties because of Meghan Markle?

In a report, Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported that Prince Charles youngest son has been rearranging his schedule in order to have time for the actress. The same source said that Meghan Markle has been giving a message of uncertainty about their relationship to her boyfriend.

Prince Harry reportedly wants to live a normal life, get married, and have a family of his own minus the royal obligations. Queen Elizabeth is reportedly troubled with the young royals half-hearted about their duties. Royal supporters are seeing Markle as a bad influence to the Prince. She was quoted saying that she does not want to live in the palace, shake hands, cut ribbons, kiss babies, and perform other royal functions outside of Kensington Palace. Simply put, she does not want to be a royal.

Meghan Markle’s boyfriend is yet to comment on this report. Some royal observers also saw this as the reason why Prince Harry is getting tired of his duties. The couple is having a hard time seeing each other.

Markle is in Toronto filming her TV show while her boyfriend is in London. They have not seen each other for weeks. The lovers have to be contending with the long-distance relationship. The only way they can be together is to get married. But it is a remote possibility at this time as Prince Harry has not proposed yet.

Meghan Markle mom to meet Queen Elizabeth II?

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle who will be celebrating her 36th birthday on August 4 was spotted in London according to Express. She brought her mother Doria Radlan with her to meet the Prince in person and the rest of the royal family. She might have the chance to meet Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Markle is very close to her mother as she is a solo daughter. She has half siblings but their relationship with her is not close. In fact, she has one half-sister who shamed her in a book she has written. With Queen Elizabeth II approving of her relationship with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle might soon be wearing an engagement ring. Markle who was divorced was reportedly allowed to marry in the royal family’s church. Another royal wedding is about to happen soon.