The Pokemon Go” Equinox event began on Friday, September 22. The 10-day event will conclude on October 2. A lot is expected to take place during the event. According to a report by Eurogamer, special Pokemon will be seen hatching during the event. Pokemon confirmed to show up during the event are Mareep, Chansey, and Larvitar. Many expected Stardust to show up but they ended up in disappointment.

The benefits of Stardust

Fans have a lot to gain during the event.

Before the event began, Niantic representatives informed the players that they will receive double the opportunity to earn Stardust during Equinox. It appears that Niantic did not stand up to their words. They promised double the amount of Stardust at Equinox, however, fans only received an addition of 100 extra Stardust. One of the main reasons why Stardust holds such importance for players is because of its ability to power up Pokemon.

Complaints by the players

Normally, players would have to indulge themselves in a range of different activities to earn Stardust. Many have posted complaints about how rarely Stardust shows up during their journey, a report by Comicbook states. Players usually have access to Stardust after they reach a certain level.

Even though the players were left disappointed after discovering that Stardust is still available but in scarcity, they soon cheered up after Niantic acknowledged and sent a fix for the issue. The game developer took to their official Twitter account to announce, “We resolved an issue where not all Stardust rewards were being doubled.

Thanks for your patience, Trainers.” The developers were able to discover the issue and sent the solution for it within an hour.

The players were also informed that they will be receiving the opportunity to earn triple XP during the event. For those who wish to do this, they will be required to catch newer species of Pokemon during the 10-day Equinox event.

Furthermore, they will also be required to hatch exclusive 2KM eggs. These consist of rare species inside and will be made available all throughout the event until October 2.

“Pokemon Go” has three such events wherein players receive the opportunity to discover newer abilities and species. The list consists of Equinox, Fire and Ice, and Grass events, which take place in the span of the entire year. It truly is a great opportunity for players to ramp up their collection.