The new Apple TV 4K can easily make a person want to love it. The tech company has just shipped the device, but individuals should know that the new TV is for stream only and users don’t have the option to download.

According to Channel News, the support documentation of Apple stated that the new Apple TV 4K is strictly for streaming. However, users can only download 1080p content, but not 4K resolution. The Cupertino based tech company recommended a minimum of 25 Mbps internet connection in order for users to watch 4K resolution shows and films.

If the internet connection of a user is not fast enough, the tech company will automatically reduce the quality of the video.

The tech firm has yet to announce if such restriction is applicable to Dolby Vision or HDR. Given that users have a fast internet connection, they can watch their 1080p movies in their library in 4K resolution.

Device without YouTube 4K content support

The 4K download issue is just one of the new TV’s several restrictions. The recently-released Apple TV 4K will be available without the Amazon Prime Video application and the device doesn't have a YouTube 4K content support playback. However, the tech company claimed that the Amazon Prime Video app will be available before 2017 ends.

Also, the tech company’s latest TV is available in just 32GB and 64GB models, so users would not be able to download 4K resolution films and store them locally.

Apple released its latest TV with a $179 price tag on September 22. Nonetheless, reviews of the device have been mixed. Some tech fans found the device a bit expensive, while others were impressed by it.

The Verge gave merit to issues that the device solved. The publication site also claimed that the new Apple device is closer to the vision of the future of television. However, the media outlet criticized the device for the lack of YouTube’s 4K resolution content, despite the fact that the Apple TV 4K comes along with a 4K playback support.

According to CNET, while the tech company automatically upscales 1080p films to 4K resolution for free, HDR and 4K contents are meager. The deciding factor of the consumers could be the high price of the new Apple device.

Cheap streaming devices

If anyone is looking for a simple streaming gadget, there are cheaper alternatives, such as Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google’s Chromecast and Roku Streaming Player, which appears to be much better for the reason that these devices offer more simplicity.