The event that marked iPhone’s tenth anniversary was the first ever to be held in the Steve Jobs Theater, inside the new Apple Campus, in Cupertino California. In slightly more than two hours, CEO Tim Cook and other company executives officially unveiled the new series of Apple products, including the so awaited new iPhones. Almost everything though had been anticipated on the weekend, due to a major leak of the new iOS 11 reported by tech blogs like 9to5Mac.

New iPhones

As anticipated, Apple launched three different iPhone models. The new 8 series features iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

The design is very alike the ones of the previous 7 and 6 series, although they now have glass in the front and the back. The built-in back camera on the 8 has a new sensor and a new color filter. Additionally, the iPhone 8 Plus has new sensors for its two cameras, and yet the telephoto lens which ensures better pictures even in low light, according to the Guardian. Both models come with the A11 bionic chip.

The most innovative feature though is the wireless charging, also anticipated by the major leak. The phones are compatible with the Qi wireless system which, for instance, is already built into some of IKEA furniture. You will be able to charge your device only by laying it on your bedside table.

The new iPhone 8 comes in three different colors: rose gold, space gray, and silver. It starts at 64 GB, from $699 (iPhone 8) and from $799 (iPhone 8 Plus). Pre-orders begin on September 15. The iOS 11 will be released on September 19.

iPhone X

The best, though, was yet to come: the all new iPhone X (it is pronounced iPhone 10).

CEO Tim Cook referred to it as the “one more thing” to unveil. According to him, Apple does not use the term “thing” very often, only when it comes to truly innovative features. Mr. Cook went even further, stating that iPhone X will “set the path of technology for the next decade. What is new then?

To begin with, iPhone X has a 5.8 OLED display that covers almost the entire front.

Apple calls it the ‘Super Retina Display’. The back is also in glass, like in the iPhone 8. The new front has no home screen. The navigation system is more intuitive and the only buttons are to call Siri and to control the volume. The TouchID was replaced with the FaceID. The new system captures the user’s face details to unlock the phone, and also works with everything else TouchID does, including Apple Pay.

The FaceID is based on the set of cameras and sensors within the small notch on the top of the phone. Among other features, it allows the users to create their own ‘Animojis’, which is a newer version of the already ubiquitous emojis. The ‘Animojis’ can capture one's own facial expressions and it is possible to even send animated voice messages using your preferred character.

The iPhone X comes in two colors and will be available from $999 the 64GB versions; shipping begins on November 3.

Apple TV and Apple Watch Series 3

The big new feature in the Apple Watch Series 3 is that it has a version with cellular. The devices will be available from $329 (without the cellular) and $399 (the complete version). Orders begin on September 15; shipping on the 22nd. New Apple TV 4K incorporates HDR and 4K technologies. It is going to be available from $179 and will begin to be shipped on September 22.