With the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show just right around the corner, Mercedes Benz is now ramping up its marketing and promotion for its upcoming hybrid hypercar, the Mercedes-AMG Project One concept. The special edition hypercar concept, which will be built to commemorate AMG's 50th anniversary, is set to make its debut at the yearly event in Germany next week. Ahead of its launch, the company has now released some brand new images of the vehicle's rear, which includes a first look at its signature tail lights, sports exhaust, and F1-inspired design.

Dream Machine

The 1,000hp Formula One-inspired vehicle has been revealed to sport a powertrain that is similar to the one found on Lewis Hamilton's W08 F1 race car.

The combustion engine will be a F1-spec 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 that is said to produce around 750hp with an 11,000rpm redline. While Mercedes-AMG has yet to announce the official pricing, the vehicle is expected to cost around $2.73 million, with only 275 units to be made available.

Hybrid system

The vehicles combustion engine will be complimented by four electric motors, which will reportedly produce 250hp. Two of electric motors are mounted on the car's front wheels, essentially making it an all-wheel drive vehicle. The two front electric motors will also allow the entire four-wheel drive system to have full torque vectoring, which further enhances the car's cornering performance. Meanwhile, the other two electric motors will be mated to the vehicle's crankshaft and its turbocharger.

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Despite the immensely powerful engine combination, the vehicle itself will be fully road legal. Mercedes-AMG has also confirmed that the hypercar will be capable of speeds of more than 217mph.

A first-hand look at the F1-inspired drivetrain of the Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar:

Unique design

The Mercedes-AMG Project One is expected to be the most aerodynamic vehicle that the company has ever made. Most of its design cues will be taken straight from the company's Formula One race cars with a focus on having a "race-ready" overall look. This is especially apparent in the vehicles ultra-wide fenders, central canopy, and aggressive body styling. The two seater hypercar, with a small backseat, will be making its official debut next week at the Frankfurt Motor Show, where Mercedes-AMG is expected to fully reveal all of its performance figures and features.