When the tech world decided to drop the headphone jack, wireless earbuds came into the picture. Along with Apple, another pioneer in this market is Utah-based Jaybird. Last year, the company released Freedom, wireless headphones that delivered a solid combination of battery life, music quality, and comfort. The only downside is that it failed to meet the standards of good athletic gear. This year, Jaybird is adding two more devices to its line of wireless earpieces.

Freedom 2

As the name suggests, Jaybird Freedom 2 is an update to last year's iteration of Freedom headphones.

Technically speaking, these headphones are not entirely wireless. A wire still runs behind the head, but it possesses Bluetooth connectivity. Also, this second installment has longer battery life compared to its predecessor. The gadget is water resistant and offers some options for a comfort fit.

Aside from swappable earbud tips and wings, Freedom 2 also has a feature for tightening or loosening the overall length of the cord. This is especially convenient for users who want to adjust their headphones during a physical activity since they could sometimes get in the way. In a short product demo, there were two small pieces of rubber and a folded cord. To adjust the cord, a quick tug loosens it, making it easier to take out any knots and slacks.

The team behind the product has incorporated a new combined "secure-fit" tips and fins, allowing the tighter fit and seal. Altogether, these lead to better sound quality. Further, the sound profile in the new Jaybird app for Android devices and iOS can be customized by the user. Currently, the product is offering a $50 off its retail price of $150, which is a pretty good deal considering the double battery life and better fit.

Jaybird Run

The cable-less and wire-free Jaybird Run also has impressive features but costs a little more than the Freedom 2. Through Bluetooth, this gadget can connect to any device including laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. With this pair, there is more emphasis on the sound, fit, and sweatproof-ness. Besides, compared to headphones, the earbuds are easier to set up.

Jaybird Run comes with a choice of bud and wing tip sizes, which can be configured in the ear in multiple ways. It may take some time to get the perfect fit, but once the buds find their place, the sound and feel are beyond impressive. As a workout accessory, the fact that they stay in the ear is an important feature to consider.

Also, the earbuds have a noise-cancellation feature with a few different sized sports fins and ear tips. Particularly, there are two larger and oval-sized tips. Hailed as Jaybird's sports-oriented answer to Apple's AirPods, Jaybird Run actually costs $20 more than the latter. It comes in two color choices, in black and white. So far, it actually plays a competitive advantage as the best-sounding pair of wireless earbuds for athletes. It is a great companion for runs and rides with a battery life of four hours. Despite that, the shape and connectivity quirks make up for the short battery life.