The tech industry is no longer satisfied with headphones just playing music anymore, and several companies are developing smart earbuds that interact with the user and the environment. Today, big businesses like Apple and Doppler Labs are developing the AirPods and the Hear One buds respectively, and yet one small German company, Bragi, started the movement years ago with a 2014 Kickstarter campaign. This company, run by CEO Nikolaj Hviid, is putting themselves back on the map with their newest product, the Dash Pro, released for the first time in the middle of May of 2017.

This ambitious product goes beyond headphones, functioning more like a wireless, touch-free computer.

Magic in your ear canal

It isn't real magic, but these tiny earbuds have powerful capabilities that will make the user feel like a magician, using nods and waves to control their audio. The Dash Pro earbuds by Bragi are an upgrade on their original Dash earbuds, and some improvements on their newest model include a total of five hours of battery life, a number that doubles the life of their original model. The case itself will charge the earbuds up to five more times before it needs to be plugged into the wall.

With the Dash Pro, the music blends seamlessly with the natural environment, so the user can hear both their personal soundtrack and interact with the world simultaneously.

Expected features include quality sound and noise cancellation, but they can do far more. They offer real-time translation via their partnership with the iTranslate app, and the music can be paused, skipped, and more through mere physical gestures. They even are capable of tracking your workouts and communicating directly with your digital personal assistant.

All about their creator, Bragi

This company burst onto the scene with a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014, but unfortunately, their first earbuds did not quite live up to the hype and goals of Nikolaj Hviid. Over the past three years, Bragi has taken a serious look at themselves and taken the time to learn from their experiences.

Their newest product, the Dash Pro, has an entirely new OS inside that upgrades every aspect of the earbuds, creating a final product that purportedly works. For audio aficionados, it is even possible to pay extra to visit an audiologist and make custom-molded earbuds that fit perfectly in each unique ear canal.

Either way, Bragi is working, yet again, to break the mold of what the headphone industry is trying to do and move human society one step closer to a hands-free future.