Samsung launched its phablet flagship, Galaxy Note 8 at its “Unpacked” event on August 23. There are a lot of features in the smartphone that seem to have been carried forward from its premium counterpart, The Galaxy S8. For example, the company introduced the “Infinity” display technology with the Galaxy S8. The same appeared on the phablet line-up as well.

Both the handsets are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 system-on-chip. At the same time, there are many new upgrades on the handset as well.

For instance, the dual rear camera setup. These two smartphones launches were especially important for Samsung. The South-Korean was heavily relying on 2017 Galaxy line-ups to revive its glory that was lost due to the 2016’s Note 7 fiasco. According to a report by Forbes, they are successful at it.

The staggering Note 8 booking figures

The company put its Galaxy Note 8 lineup for pre-orders only a week back. They have already managed to take roughly 650,000 units for pre-orders across 40 countries.

According to a report by Reuters, with this, the flagship breaks Samsung’s record that was formed by its previous flagships – including S8 and Note 7. The recorded amount is only in five days. The handset has been pre-ordered 2.5 times more than its predecessor, Note 7. This also makes Galaxy Note 8 one of the most pre-ordered for handsets in the company’s Note line-up. Samsung’s nation-wide recall of Note 7 has finally been compensated.

The battery issues may have brought the spirits of Samsung down, but its fans still have fate in them.

Company overcomes the Note 7 fiasco

According to a report by Tech Radar, after the Note 7 fiasco took place in October 2016, roughly five thousand users were polled. They were asked if they would give Samsung another chance and probably try another handset offered by them. To which, roughly eighty-five per cent of them responded positively.

The battery woes of Note 7 were such that the South Korean giant had to cancel its Note 7 lineup altogether. But the fans didn’t seem to waiver by it as only fifteen per cent felt that they could not trust the brand anymore. Samsung primarily has most dominance in its home market. There are millions of fans in the US market too, but the majority of them tend to lean towards Apple products. As noted by Strait Times, Apple recently launched three new iPhone devices – the eight lineups and its X edition, stay tuned for more.

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