Logitech has been among the best tech brands on the market for years. To expand its wireless gaming support profile, the computer peripheral devices manufacturer announced the release of its new keyboard and mouse models.

Logitech expands its wireless gaming profile with "Craft" keyboard

With high performing devices such as the MX Master 2S, Logitech has served as the link that effectively connected PC and Mac users. The manufacturer’s top software called “Flow” allowed gamers to control several computers all at once with just a click of a single mouse.

Given the massive success of its mouse, loyal supporters of the Peripheral Device giant were clamoring for a Logitech keyboard that will match the quality and performance that its pointer delivers. And today, the tech giant finally answers the call. Game Spot reports that Logitech will release a new mechanical keyboard and an innovative mouse.

Logitech announces the release of a new G613 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard called “Craft.” While wireless mice were common, the peripheral gaming space is currently stuck with wired mechanical keyboards. The new Logitech G613 keyboard is a game changer.

Being the first wireless mechanical keyboard, Logitech makes “Craft” work pairing its light speed wireless technology with its Romer-G mechanical switches.

Similar to Cherry MX Browns, the Romer-G switches features a palpable bump in the device’s actuation point with a shorter throw that sports a 1.5mm keystroke register, 45g actuation force and a 3mm bottom out.

The first Logitech mechanical keyboard sources power from two AA batteries. Depending on its environment and user care, “Craft” can be used with the same pair of batteries for up to 18 months.

The wireless keyboard is fitted with a palm-rest and supports six programmable macro keys.

New and upgraded mouse model

Logitech ups the mice competition with its new G603 Wireless Mouse. The novel model comes in a design that is identical to the manufacturer’s G403 and G703 mice models. However, the new G603 is distinguished from its predecessors by its optical sensor and power source.

Similar to Logitech’s G613 wireless mechanical keyboard, the G603 is powered by two AA batteries. Depending on user care, a battery set can last for up to 500 hours of gaming use. The mouse also features a new optical sensor called “Hero” which shares several tracking and accuracy similarities with the manufacturer’s Pixart PMW3366. But Game Spot reports that the “Hero” sensor delivers more power efficiency.

The G603 is fitted two thumb buttons which are programmable. The device operates on a light speed wireless tech with a 1ms response time and can have up to 12,000 DPI. The mouse is also equipped with a power consumption feature that allows users to extend battery life by reducing response time to 8ms. Gur3D reports that the new Logitech keyboard will be available in select retail stores on mid-September.