Kodi Genesis Reborn has been one of the most popular streaming apps for Kodi. Its features focus more on playing TV show and Movies. Aside from giving the users instant access to streaming for entertainment, it also comes with UHD or Ultra High Definition and high definition content.

What is Genesis Reborn?

According to AIQ, Kodi has named its latest apps as “Reborn.” It comes with a streaming feature similar to Genesis and Exodus. Even though most of the Kodi add-ons have similar functions, the Reborn has better options and service than its ancestors.

Jesus Box Media Team, a developer team who invented add-ons for the Flixnet, created the Genesis Reborn app to allow users to enjoy all kinds of TV Shows and movies.


However, the app will not help users to avoid from copyrights and tracking issues. These problems will arise when users install the app with several third party add-ons.

How to download and install Kodi Genesis Reborn

Before installing the Genesis Reborn app, users must have a good VPN or Virtual Private Network which is an important tool for keeping the user’s privacy. This tool will prevent a bunch of cyber criminals, net neutrality, and government surveillance from stealing people’s private data.

After acquiring a decent VPN, the users must install the Enable Unknown Sources. The users can set it up by going to “Settings,” “System Settings,” and “Add-Ons.” In Add-ons, users must turn on the Unknown Sources toggle once it appears.

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The consumers then must install the repository or repo that is stored in by the Jesus Box Repo. They can do it by opening the Kodi, heading to the System Settings, and choosing the “File manager.” After selecting File manager, users must select the “Add Source” option, enter “” in the URL box, and click ok.

The users can add any name for the media source as it will not influence the installation. After selecting a name, go back to the main menu, click Add-ons, and select “My add-ons.” In My add-ons, users must choose the “..” which will be present at the top of the window, and click “Install from zip file.”

The consumers have to scroll down, click their media source, and select the zip file. Once at the archive, they must install the Jesus Box repo by clicking the repository zip file, and remain patient for the installation to complete.


Once the process is finished, the users must go back and choose “install from repository.” After the pool is installed, select the Jesus Box Repository.