The review test of Intel’s Core i7-8700K has been leaked. The chip was originally designed for the primary platform. However, the core count has been increased up to 6 on its release, which makes it better in every way.

Game-Debate reported on its website that the Intel Core i7-8700K features six cores and 12 threads. Still, it will only be compatible with the Z970 chipset of LGA 1151 socket. The chip will also be the first six cores from Intel with a 14nm process node base.

When it comes to the clock speed, the chip has base frequency of 3.7 GHz.

It can be boosted up to 4.3 GHz with six core and 4.7 GHz with one core. Fans can expect much faster gaming performance with the Coffee Lake chips than the present generation of CPUs because of its impressive records.

The post further revealed that the chip comes with a TDP of 95 while installing with L3 Cache 12 MB. It also has GT2 tier iGPU while supporting DDR4-2666 MHz memory, which can be amplified up to 4400 MHz. The Intel Core I7-8700K will cost around $359.

Intel Core i7-8700K vs. 7800X and 7700K

The 8700K and other 2 CPUs are built on the same architecture. The 7700K features the same Kaby Lake design with the 7800X. However, the 7800X has additional HEDT features, which are higher PCIe lanes, Quad channel memory, and the latest internet connection called Mesh.

The 8700K, on the other hand, is designed with the most recent version of the 14nm++ and 14nm process node.

Regarding the benchmark's comparison, the post showed that the 8700k is 11 percent faster than the 7800X, but the HEDT gives Intel’s 7800X 20 percent better performance in multi-threaded application test. Intel’s 8700 is 1.67 percent faster than the 7700K in single-threaded and 42.9 percent faster in multi-threaded test.

When it comes to the application test, the Core 8700k is 7 percent superior to the Core 7800X and 8 percent higher than the Core 7700K. The best part of the experiment is that it also revealed the gaming workload performance, proving that the 8700 is 5 percent faster than the 7800X and 2 percent quicker than the 7700K.

Apple latest OS can be easily hacked

Apple has recently released its new macOS version, called High Sierra. However, according to a video post by Patrick Wardle, a former NSA hacker who is currently a Synack’s chief security researcher, there is a password exfiltration exploit that affects the latest OS.

In other words, with the security vulnerability lurking in the OS, hackers can easily steal passwords from Mac’s users. The reason is that High Sierra stored the passwords in the Apple Keychain, which can be easily opened by hackers.