AMD’s upcoming processors will be the company's newest innovation, which will give higher core counts and clock speeds. The Core i7 8700K comes with six cores and 12 thread CPU.

According to a post by Videocardz, the latest processor is expected to be released on October 5. Karl Morin, a tech journalist, claimed that he happened to encounter an i7 8700k PC from HP at the DreamHack 2017 event in Montreal and took some photos of it.

Morin’s photo showed that the 8700k scored 196 points in the single-threaded test and 1230 points in the multi-threaded test.

The upcoming processor also achieved the highest single-threaded score for CPU.

When comparing it to the other processors, the 7700k scored around 192 points while AMD’s eight-core 1800x flagship Ryzen scored only 156 points.

The latest i7 processor’s multiple-threaded portion managed to outscore the 7700K which scored around 950 points and matched AMD’s Ryzen 1600x. However, the 8700k fell short when compared to the AMD’s 1800X which set a record of 1600 points.

The post further showed that the latest processor delivered single threaded performance that is faster than Ryzen ship by 30 percent. The Core i7 8700k also shared an identical layout to the current Kaby Lake’s 7th generation LGA 1151.

Furthermore, the upcoming Core i7 will base its microarchitecture with the Skylake core.

AMD wants more engineers from India

A website called Economics reported that Chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices or AMD plans to have more Indian engineers in its two R&D centers in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Jim Anderson, AMD’s Senior Vice President, said that they want to open more jobs as the company continues to expand its center.

However, Anderson did not mention the specific number of positions for the job.

When asked if the company is planning to open more Research and Development centers in India, Anderson revealed that there is no information about it. He then explained that the India had strengthened a lot of the AMD’s advanced engineering works.

Nvidia and AMD are not at risk for crypto concerns

Both Nvidia and AMD benefit from the rise of cryptocurrencies. However, CNBC revealed that after trading above $5,000 on September 2, the price has fallen under tension as the Bank of China issued a draft of instructions that would ban Chinese from offering cryptocurrency trading services.

Mark Licacis, an analyst, suggested that both companies must not risk with the crypto concerns. He added that the upcoming cards built for cryptocurrency mining are useless to gamers on the secondary market.