huawei's presence in the traditional smartwatch space largely depends on its 'Watch' series. Despite the unimpressive performance of the Watch 2 Classic and Watch 2 Sport, the brand was still able to make a good introduction to the Android Wear ecosystem. In addition, the company's Fit brand has also been pushing for more fitness-oriented wearables for a few years now. When Huawei announced the fitness trackers Band 2 and Band 2 Pro back in July, there were minimal details of its availability in the United States. Today, the latter model has been made available in the U.S. via for $69.

Staying fit with Band Pro 2

The Band Pro 2 is touted a much simpler device targeted for sports. It features the same bold design as the Band 2 with a few more notable features. This includes a standalone GPS that helps keep track of how far the user has ran or hiked. The device can also be used in water activities since it is water-resistant.

To further facilitate fitness-friendly features, a professional running coach is added to personalize user goals. It can also be customized depending on the activity or training program. A heart rate monitor is built in to help with daily physical activities such as walking, running, or swimming. It can even present the heart rate data as well as health tips for user's reference.

For relaxation features, the Band Pro 2 showcases the Huawei TruSleep, which is a sleep tracker that packs a lot of third-party skills. TruSleep can monitor sleep including deep and REM sleeps, track light and sleep interruptions. It also issues breathing exercises and reminders, which promotes a more active lifestyle.

For convenience and practicality functions, smart notifications on incoming calls, alarms, activity, and email have been built in the device as well.

All the other specs

Huawei Band 2 Pro comes in three colors: blue, black, and red. It measures 44 mm x 19.7 mm x 10.3 mm (H × W × D) in size and is being sold in two size variants, in 8 and 10 inches.

The face has PMOLED black and white screen and weighed approximately 21g. The wearable has a battery with 105 mAh that is expected to last seven days of regular use on a single charge.

The fitness tracker has compatibility with all Android phones running on version 4.4 or above. It can also be used with iPhones that have iOS 8.0 or higher. Regarding memory, it has a 16GB internal storage and a microSD card slot. Bluetooth connectivity is also available.

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