Bitcoin technology is gaining increasing prominence, especially among hackers. The safest way to force out millions of dollars without being detected is through bitcoin currency. Therefore, the majority of cyber criminals are turning towards this method. The recent major malware attacks – including the infamous WannaCry attack – attempted carrying out a similar deed. Hackers were for the first time able to hack into the systems of major organizations like HBO and Warner Bros. After successfully getting their hands on important files, including unreleased episodes (of famous shows like "Game of Thrones") and movies ("Pirates of the Caribbean"), they started blackmailing the studios to transfer money in the form of bitcoin.

Extensive studies put together with simple logic point out to one reason as to why they prefer bitcoin; they remain undetected. According to a report by Tech Radar, hackers are now using botnets to hack into user’s PCs.

Research by Kaspersky Lab

This Research has been carried out for the anti-malware team of Kaspersky Lab. They have discovered the next potential way a malware attack can be carried out. According to them, the hackers have now begun using botnets that are already pre-existing in systems, to infect it with malware. The attackers then manage to swipe off currency in the form of bitcoin consequently. The experts at Kaspersky Lab claim that the cyber criminals can manage to earn around 23 thousand Euros within a month by simply using botnets.

This isn’t the first time that botnets are being used by cyber criminals to carry out such attacks. Since it is much easier to mine bitcoin using botnets, it is among the most preferred ways to undertake malware attacks amongst hackers right now.

The findings of the research

The researchers found that attackers manage to hack botnets on systems by distributing infected adware programs.

Victims are led to believe that these programs are authentic, and thus they don’t think twice before installing it voluntarily. Once the software is installed in the system, it is easy for hackers to gain access to an individual’s personal information. This may include pictures, bank details, log-in information and other such things.

The worst part about such attacks is that they cannot be easily detected. The malware is installed using legitimate software. Moreover, access to installation is provided by the users themselves. Thus, there isn’t much that can be done in such situations.