It has become a whole lot easier to hook-up with someone these days. Thanks to the increasing number of Dating applications like Tinder, one can find their “match” while simply sitting at home and swiping through the endless options. Dentists have come up with an absurd-sounding theory that is pretty convincing too.

Research conducted in the UK

According to Daily Mail, doctors in the UK are advising their patients to stay away from Tinder (and Tinder-like apps) because it is increasing their risk of being detected with cancer. Oral sex expands the possibility of more individuals carrying a cancer-causing virus called Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

More times than often, these disappear in the form of minor symptoms. If they end up prevailing for a longer time, they can lead to cervical cancer.

A research study mentioned in the Daily Mail report claims that HPV causes 90 per cent of the cases with cervical cancer. Other types of cancer such as head, neck, throat, anal and penile also have HPV as the top reason. Dentists usually are the first to detect symptoms of HPV.

The British Dental Association (BDA) told The Sun that dating apps had brought about a significant change in the sexual behavior of young individuals these days. Not only has it increased the number of times one indulges in a variety of sexual acts, but also the number of individuals they do it with.

HPV-preventive vaccinations

At the moment, only girls between the age of 10 and 13 are given HPV-preventive vaccinations. Many organizations have fought for the right of boys to receive the same treatment. This fight is based on the scientific evidence that HPV impacts both the genders equally. As noted by Jonathan Ball, a professor at the University of Nottingham, the program is not being extended to boys because of cost measures.

The government doesn’t find it productive to spend money and not achieve any results. They are sadly mistaken because vaccinating boys will also potentially decrease the chances of these diseases from spreading, he added. In such cases, the boy’s parents are usually forced to pay for the vaccination.

Despite experts emphasizing on the significance of a “gender-neutral” vaccination program, no changes have been implemented. Many have to shell out as much as 300 pounds for two courses. If the program is made free for the general public, it will also encourage the spread of awareness about this issue.