Apple has filed for a new patent that describes a backlight that could potentially appear in its future products. According to a report by Daily Mail, the feature could serve the function of both – a personal disco strobe and safety light for athletes. The company also filed for an under-the-display fingerprint scanner patent. It remains to be seen whether these features debut on the upcoming iPhone 8.

Everything you need to know

Starting with the backlight feature, it is designed in a manner so that it pulsates to the beat of the music, Apple said.

It could serve as a safety light for runners at night. It’s not necessarily limited to a smartphone. The patent states that its product could be anything – a media player or a smartwatch. Apple filed for it back in May this year and now has finally been granted the exclusive rights to the feature. The published post also consists of an illustration, showcasing how the feature could function. The device is revealed to be strapped around an arm, while its safety light is on. Since the feature is still in the making, it is highly unlikely that iPhone 8 would come included with it.

Launch of the iPhone 8

The company has been confirmed to take the wraps off iPhone 8 on September 12 at Steve Jobs Theatre of California.

The handset is not going to feature a physical home button, but instead, will arrive with a facial recognition software. The front panel will include a completely bezel-less design. Apple will be integrating its smartphone with a dual rear camera technology. The firm will also be launching iPhone 7 and 7 Plus alongside iPhone 8.

According to the Daily Mail report, Apple also patented an under-the-display fingerprint scanner. The feature was described as an “invisible” sensor in the patent. The firm has been granted this technology. They, however, won’t be the first ones to explore this type of security. Vivo has already debuted this technology with Samsung expected to do so, with the introduction of Note 8.

But, that never took place. Nonetheless, the South Korean giant will possibly integrate its 2018 flagships with this feature. Apple will also be seen introducing its third-generation Watch with 4G LTE networks support. This will enable users to make and receive calls without the assistance of an iPhone. Apart from this, they will also launch a 4K-supporting television. Customers have to wait a bit more for the device.