Apple pretty much confirmed that they were going to unveil “iPhone Edition” at an event on 12th September. Soon enough, several reports also claimed that the handset would go on pre-orders on September 15, with the shipping to prevail from September 22 onwards. Just a week ahead of the launch, a new Report by The Wall Street Journal suggests that the company is facing hurdles getting the production ready in time. It appears that the firm will be almost a month late at bringing the handset to the market for sale.

As noted by 9to5 Mac, the handset is apparently going to come void of the Touch ID feature. Instead, Apple will opt for a facial recognition software that will replace the fingerprint scanning ability.


The company has been making several headlines for facing complications with regards to the proposed design of the handset. Their factory partner, Foxconn hasn’t been able to overcome the challenge in time. The manufacturing unit is doing all that it can to meet the expectations of Apple.

Foxconn working hard to fulfill orders

According to a report by Tech Radar, Foxconn even boosted its workforce to about 250,000 in June this year, with the objective of preparing Apple’s orders in time. Despite the rigorous effort, it appears that the company is still going to end up being late. They have even decided to implement an entirely bezel-less design in the upcoming iPhone – much like Samsung’s Galaxy S8. Apple and Samsung will head-to-head in the high-end smartphone market again.

The handset is going to feature OLED display technology instead of LED, and the company has joined hands with Samsung Display for this purpose.

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This is also believed to be among the top reasons for major production challenge. Samsung Display is even charging Apple a hefty price for its order because they are the only primary display manufacturers for iPhone devices at the moment. Apple is currently on the lookout for a secondary display manufacturer, and LG might be the finalized candidate.

3D face scanner feature

According to a report by The Verge, the company also plans on integrating its 10th-anniversary handset with a 3D face scanner. Moreover, they will be unveiling not one – but three iPhone devices at its 12 September event this year. The list of smartphones scheduled for launch includes iPhone Edition, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. In addition to this, the company is also expected to introduce the third-generation Apple Watch and a 4K TV as well.