iPhone 8 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year. Apple is all set to debut three new iPhone devices – iPhone Edition, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus on 12 September. The company is going to host its launch event at the Steve Jobs Theatre of Cupertino, California. According to a report by The Leaker, the company is going to introduce a variety of new colors with its smartphone.

Reflective version

Apple specialist, Benjamin Geskin had made a speculation in June this year that Apple is going to introduce only four primary color variants of iPhone Edition. The major highlight of it will be the fact that they will be reflective.

Geskin even provided an image what he thinks the handset will look like. It’s highly likely that the next iPhone comes in standard colors of White, Black, and Rose Gold but with slightly mirror-effect.

Blood Red

Apple introduced the color Red with the launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in March, 2017. Although the firm partnered with AIDS fundraising charity (RED), which led to the launch of this color, it was an instant success with users. There is no reason why the company wouldn’t continue with this color in the future.

Different shades of Black

The Cupertino giant carried out something quite different with the introduction of seventh-generation iPhone devices. They introduced two new Shades Of BlackJet Black and Matte Black. Jet Black carried a shiny look was priced higher. This certainly didn’t stop the consumers from owning it.

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Matte was a darker hue and turned out to be just as popular.

Silver iPhone 8

As noted by Tech Radar, the last time Apple introduced a Silver color variant was back during the launch of iPhone 5 in 2015. The firm might make a comeback with the launch of iPhone 8.

Blush Gold, no Rose Gold

KGI Securities analysts Ming Chi-Kuo predicts that the company is going to officially ditch the Rose Gold color this time. Instead, they will opt for something more of Blush Gold. There won’t be any different to the other Gold shades that have been seen before but this one will be filled with more bling.

Wildcard entry

Apple is expected to debut a totally new color with the launch of iPhone 8. The firm hasn’t hinted towards any one thing as of now. The launch marks their 10th-anniversary with iPhone and thus, only makes sense for them to make it memorable. Exactly how memorable it will be, is something only time will tell. Customers have to wait for almost a week for the phone.