One of the most interesting introductions made by Chinese tech-giant Xiaomi in 2016 was undoubtedly the Mi MIX smartphone. In terms of design, the smartphone pretty much stood out from most other smartphones – quite literally. The firm has been clear about manufacturing a successor to its device and it appears like the design template for it has emerged online. On the basis of the information that can be interpreted from the design template that has popped up online, it seems like Xiaomi is planning on undertaking another approach with the look and build of the Mi Mix 2 smartphone this time around.

Design of the smartphone

The device in the image looks like the smartphone comes equipped with the earpiece that is located on the front panel of the device – something that wasn’t spotted in Mi MIX last year. It seems Xiaomi has taken all the complaints that emerged with regards to last year’s Mi MIX rather seriously, as many users said that they experienced issues with the sound output while making calls. In order to tackle this particular aspect, it seems like the company decided to change the position of the mouthpiece altogether.

Features and specs are here

As pointed out by Android Headlines, the device showcased in the leaked render also represents a resemblance to the recently-launched Android-powered Essential PH-1 smartphone.

Many factors between the Essential PH-1 and Xiaomi’s alleged Mi MIX 2 smartphone are identical by nature. For example, the display, the sensors accompanying the earpiece on the front side of the device and of course, the bezel-less design of the smartphone.

The image also further goes on to suggest power/lock and volume up/down buttons on the right-hand side of the smartphone.

The image also further reveals that Xiaomi may be planning on integrating a dual rear camera setup with its upcoming Mi MIX 2 smartphone, which will further be accompanied with a dual-LED flash, a Dual-Tone flash and a fingerprint scanner situated right next to the former. There is also a SIM-card tray option located on the left-hand side of the device.

Apart from this, the device could sport a Type-C USB port accompanied with two speaker grills on the bottom end. Needless to say, the information has not been confirmed by Xiaomi as yet. As far as the release date of the Mi MIX 2 smartphone is concerned, Xiaomi may introduce the device towards the end of this year, or perhaps, the beginning of 2018.