Xbox One first Major dashboard overhaul underwent testing along with Microsoft’s new Fluent Design. The focus of the update is the speed of navigation, including the removal of splash screens. The splash screen issues often happen when switching from sections such as my games/apps, social, and home.

The Xbox One update brings the biggest improvements yet.

The newest major update puts the tab in the guide positioned in horizontal order. The latest locations enable easy switching between them through the use of the Xbox controller bumpers, d-pad, or the left thumbstick.

The achievements, sign-in, messages, parties or LFG, a new action center, and broadcasts, on the other hand, are now part of the guide.

Xbox One update also features a new Home interface on the dashboard that is completely customizable with Fluent Design features. Users can now pin their friends to the home section, along with games and apps. In fact, pinned games can show activity feeds in order to see when a friend is playing.

Moreover, the update brings changes to the community section of its dashboard, with a new activity feed layout that features a full-screen view, including the ability to view comments Full Screen. Aside from these, profiles, clubs, and game hubs have been refreshed with a new UI to make them easier to navigate and follow.

Aside from the Xbox One dashboard improvements, Microsoft also tweaked the game bar on Windows 10 Xbox app. Users may soon enable or disable the Game Mode for each game, including new options for the type of audio that will broadcast via Mixer from the game bar, Windows Central reported.

Latest weekly deals have been revealed

Xbox One deals have recently been revealed following Microsoft’s roll out of the new set of Xbox Live weekly deals. The latest games and price treats include “Hitman’s” full first season is offered at $24 and “Homefront: The Revolution” costs $12. Other offers include “Plants v. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2” for $8, “Lords of the Fallen” for $13 and “Mega Man Legacy Collection” can be availed for $10.

Several other games from Rockstar are also up for sale on Xbox 360 such as “Max Payne” for $10, “L.A. Noire” for $10, “Grand Theft Auto” that costs $8 and “Red Dead Redemption” for $10, GameSpot reported.

Microsoft has recently updated their backward compatibility list by adding two more 360 games, “ScreamRide” and “Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.” The existing list already has hundreds of game titles.