Fitbit is releasing its first wireless fitness headphones, the Fitbit Flyer. The latest device has a sweat-proof and durable body, which is made to function during intense physical activities. It also has a rain and dust-proof design that makes it a perfect workout accessory.

All the details

For a hefty sum of $129.95, the new headphones come with a 3-button control box that manages the playback. It features the capability to simultaneously connect two Bluetooth devices with the option to navigate between them. A Dual Microphone setup to facilitate phone calls is also in place. It is available in two color options – lunar gray or nightfall blue.

In terms of technology, the audio accessory employs the Waves MaxxAudio technology. This is the same mechanism that powers Flyer’s Power Boost setting, which is used for bass amplifying. In addition, it includes AAC wireless codec as well as a Passive Noise Isolation, which serves to block off any external noise.

How does it work?

For a first-time user, the power button can be located on the top of the right bud. The control box with three buttons rests on the same side of the cable. The buttons are for the purpose of adjusting volume, hitting play or pause, and skipping tracks. The tricky part while some may find the thumb-length control comfortable to work with, others might find it hard to reach and use.

The Flyer can also take phone calls with the dual microphone that maximises voice quality by suppressing noise. Another interesting feature of the device is how it can easily connect to Fitbit’s new Ionic smart watch. A simple pairing takes a press on the headphone’s power button and a tap on the watch’s screen.

As for linking it with other devices, it is important to keep the Ionic away or else the two will connect by default.

According to Fitbit, the device should last up to six hours of playtime. Further, a fifteen-minute charge could get the user a full hour of use. Compared to the more popular option, Jaybird X3, the battery life of Flyer is less than the eight-hour rated runtime.

The only downside on the Jaybird X3 is that it is exclusive to playing music.

The Flyer is available for pre-order on Monday on the company website. It is expected to hit the stores later this year along with the new Fitbit Aria 2, which is the company’s second-generation smart weighing scale. Unlike its predecessor, Aria 2 has a simpler setup process and better accuracy. In addition, it now has a more sleek design and brighter display. The smart scale is priced at $129.95.

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