Model 3 is the car that Elon Musk promised the world 14 years ago. Right after the CEO of the car company unveiled the Model 3, at least 325,000 bookings were made within a week. The company has finally delivered 30 units of the car off the assembly line.

Musk welcomed the press during the delivery of the first 30 cars and shared he wanted to build a vehicle that could easily be available to anyone. This philosophy fueled the idea of the $35,000 fully-automated car with an electric engine. This vehicle is capable of zooming from 0 to 60 in just 5.6 seconds and gives a range of 220 miles. The car is also the cheapest offering in the company's lineup and is touted being as the next big thing. It is expected to boost the company's sales as Tesla looks to make sales grow three times more in the future.


Rumors about the available colors

The standard battery-car comes in just one color - black. There are other six colors that the Model 3 has been spotted in. These hues are white, silver, midnight silver, Red, blue and signature red. Rumor has it that most of the colors will make it to the production stage. The only catch is that if the buyer wants the vehicle to be in any other color than black, they would have to pay an additional amount i.e. $1000 more.

According to Musk, the company can efficiently produce at least 20,000 Model 3 cars per month from December 2017 onward. The delivery for Model 3 cars would only be possible in late 2018.

Specs and features of the standard Model 3

According to CNN Money, reviewers who drove the car on the day the first 30-units were handed over call it a dream come true.

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The Tesla Model 3 sports aesthetically beautiful looks both on the inside, as well as the outside. It comes with high-end features at a comparatively lower price, especially if the buyer takes the basic standard model.

The car comes with lush interiors along with a very clean and clutter-free dashboard. Only a 15-inch LCD screen adorns the front portion of the car. It also has a voice activated control system and an accurate navigation system. The vehicle also supports LTE, Wi-Fi connection, and keyless entry. The key to the car lies in the Tesla app on the user’s mobile device. The car comes with 10,000 unique components with at least 8 cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors.

The car also boasts 18-inch wheels but the buyer would have to spend an extra $1,500 if they wish to get the swanky new 19-inch sports wheels.


The most futuristic feature of any Tesla car is its enhanced autopilot. This feature allows the car to keep pace with the traffic and change lanes accordingly. The self-parking feature, however, will cost a Model 3 buyer another $5000.