It just only a week ago that Samsung released its new product, the Galaxy Note 8. However, the smartphone company does not stop re-furnishing its gadget line. Samsung is preparing to launch fresh updates to its gadgets including Gear S smartwatch and Gear Fit Fitness Tracker. The electronic giant is ready to uncover the updates on Wednesday at the IFA electronic show held in Berlin.

Samsung's teaser Tweets

After its Note 8's exhibition, Samsung introduced an updated tracker's teaser and on Monday the second part of the update was tweeted.

New gadgets by Samsung are considered to be more focused on fitness.

Last week, Samsung revealed the Gear Fit 2 Pro fitness tracker on their website. In an updated fitness tracker, the electronic company is willing to improve the swim tracking and water resistance capacity of the device.

The improved fitness tracker by Samsung can have the capability to work in 50 meters of depth under the water. However, the previous version of the fitness tracker was merely able to work under 5 feet of water and up to 30 minutes maximum. If the company can increase the capacity of its fitness tracker significantly, then it will be able to compete with the Apple's Watch Series 2.

Gear Fit 2 Pro

It is believed that the updated Gear Fit 2 Pro will have the same curved display as we saw in its predecessor.

However, a more traditional watch style will be added to the device instead of what used in the previous version. The updated fitness tracker will not only be able to track your swimming record, but it will also be able to monitor the heart rate and your running/walking steps.

The improved tracking device by Samsung will able its users to be more involved and excited in their workout routine.

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The idea to put some frequent and salient features to its previous device will be greatly appreciated by the consumers that are willing to track more of their schedule with an updated version of the tracker.

Another exciting and fresh feature that Samsung is willing to update in its Gear Fit 2 Pro fitness tracker is an offline Spotify support.

An offline Spotify supported fitness tracker will let you listen to your favorite music playlist when working out and you can place your smartphone away from you.

Moreover, it will be no longer necessary to carry your phone with you to connect the Spotify and listen to the music. Other than the updated fitness tracker, Samsung will also be updating its Sports Watch and Gear S Smartwatch.