LG G6 and Galaxy S8 were both launched at the beginning of the year. Both were highly anticipated smartphones. Here's both smartphones - face to-face.

Both the flagship devices sports cutting-edge specs and features

Both are great looking phones with premium built-in quality. While the LG G6 smartphone measures around 5.7-inches, the samsung galaxy S8 measures around 5.8-inches. Both the smartphones offer screens that are bright and sharp and come with resolution far greater than Quad-HD. However, LG decided to stick with LCD panel technology; whereas, Samsung chose Super-AMOLED display — making the Galaxy S8 compatible with Google’s DayDream virtual reality headsets.

This comes as a set-back. Galaxy S8's design has been a appreciate by the customers and the pundits.

Camera comparison

The LG G6 smartphone flaunts 13MP dual-rear cameras along with a standard field of view and wide-angle view. Offering an aperture of f/1.8, it makes it possible for consumers to capture images in low-light. The front camera consists of a 5MP front snapper — making it an ideal choice for selfie lovers. According to Express, the Samsung Galaxy S8 carries a 13MP rear camera with f/1.7 aperture and optical image stabilisation. The selfie game on Galaxy S8 is strong too, as it offers an 8MP front camera.

On one hand, the LG G6 smartphone is powered by a 3,300mAh battery; the Samsung flagship packs a 3,000mAh battery. Given the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with many features that require enough battery-life to support them, it is slightly disappointing.

Price comparison

Given the number of new smartphones that were launched in the first quarter of 2017, it sure is an exciting time to go shopping for a new smartphone. Smartphone makers are coming up with top-end smartphone and are making it difficult for consumers to choose the right one. According to Gadget360, the LG G6 smartphone is available between price ranges $675 and $720. While the S8 is available for $750, it really just depend on the consumer which one they would want to go for. The devices are ruling The Top-end smartphone market. It is difficult to choose the winner. Customers should consider their needs before buying any of these. Both phones have their pros and cons. Samsung has recently launched Galaxy Note 8, which is a phablet. Apple is also launching the iPhone 8 in the next month. These could also be good alternatives of LG G6 and Galaxy S8.