Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is yet another hottest device of this year and today's leaks have fed the fire. Today morning, Twitter user and a famous leaker Evan Blass tweeted when it rains, it pours. And soon not even 24 hours after, he uploaded the official photos of the upcoming Samsung smartphone.

Dual Camera spotted and more

The phone is expected to come later this month most probably 23rd August but today's leak gives us quite the idea of what we can expect from the Samsung. If you look at the images, you can see the device has the display identical to the Galaxy S8.

This display is very well known as Infinity Edge display debuted in Samsung Galaxy S8. The display was a game changer and head-turner for Samsung's latest flagship device.

Fortunately, you will get the same display in the latest upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and the picture shows the bezels looking slimmer, which is a plus one here. Apart from that, there is dual rear camera making this a first ever Samsung device to have a Dual Camera. We were expecting dual camera from Galaxy S8, but the brand is trying to not make the same mistake again.

Speaking of mistakes, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was not able to perform better in the market and was soon discontinued due to the explosion in all of theirs handset.

The fault was in the battery which did a lot of damage not only in money but also in reputation for Samsung.

Samsung needs this device to dispel the sense of unease left by the absolute failure of the previous version of this device. Let's jump again to the image; the device has same small dedicated Bixby button present on the right edge of the phone.

The same button was present in Samsung Galaxy S8 and is therefore also in this phablet.

Still a mistake?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 seems a pretty good device till now with the capability of giving the brand its reputation back, but there is still a slight mistake. I am talking about the Fingerprint sensor which is in the back of the device just next to the dual camera setup.

The position of this fingerprint sensor was criticized earlier, by the reviewers, who found it hard to reach. They also said that it led to users accidentally smudging their camera lenses.

The thing which was criticized heavily, back in the time, is brought back offering reviewers to criticize it again. Not a good step Samsung.

That was some of the things which we were able to find out with the help of the leaked picture. I am expecting a leak in specification soon. The device still seems pretty amazing with slimmer bezels, dual camera setup, and unfortunate fingerprint sensor position. The fingerprint sensor is on the rear side of the device just because to make the bezels slimmer. I guess you have to compromise one way or another and for slimmer bezels, this compromise is worth it.