The “Pokemon GoLegendary Pokemon is reportedly the most difficult to catch in the game. Given the base catch percentage of only 2 or 3, with a limited number of Premier Balls, Catching these hard-to-find creatures can be frustrating for some players. While there is no easy trick in catching the Legendary Pokemon, there are already-known ways that can help those who are still struggling to find one.

Pokemon players should save premier balls

All Niantic players will have 5 to 13 chances to capture a Legendary creature, depending on the number of Premier Balls they collect following a Raid Battle. Given such, they should save these Premier Balls and avoid using them on errant throws.

In the game, the players are given more than enough time to catch a Legendary. In fact, the game has not even incorporated some sorts of timers in the bonus challenge of a raid. It means that each player does not need to catch Moltres and Articuno, or even Zapdos upon reaching the top of a player’s screen. It may also seem disappointing to wait a little longer for a Pocket Monster to come back to the center of a screen, however, this is believed to be much better than waste a Premier Ball.

The players, meantime, must be on the lookout for the dreaded monster attacks as they try to capture it. Since a Pokemon is expected to jump or roar at a player occasionally, it may prevent most attempts of throwing a Pokeball. According to reports, most players prefer to wait a bit longer before a Pokemon completes their attacks to throw the Pokeball.

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Meantime, although the base capture rate of a Legendary game creature is low, “Pokemon Go” players may increase the chances of capturing the elusive pocket monsters in many ways. For instance, Pokemon Go Informer reveals that by using a Golden Razz Berry, a Pokemon’s base capture rate may increase by a 2.5x factor. It means a huge jump of up to 6 percent on a Lugia base capture rate.

The Legendary pocket monster Moltres is live

The game’s Pokemon Moltres is already live for trainers to battle in raids as confirmed by Reddit Silph Road user. However, unlike Articuno, this Legendary game creature is a bit easier to raid. In fact, Silph Road Redditor users have reportedly figured that it may likely be easy to take down one or two Pokemon at a time, although complex and extremely difficult. Meanwhile, according to Eurogamer publication, at least four trainers are needed to win.