Fans of smartphone emojis will surely like the upcoming set of emojis slated for release next year. Food website Delish reported that the new emojis will include lobster, lettuce, mango, Cupcake and even salt.

There are currently a number of emojis installed in smartphones, used when chatting and when posting status updates. These food-related emojis that are currently used include ice cream, chicken, lollipop and rice bowl symbols.

According to Delish, smartphone brands Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung will incorporate 56 brand new emojis. Unicode Consortium, the platform that takes charge of building new symbols, reportedly will include lobster, lettuce, bagel, cupcake, and salt on the upcoming set.

Food emojis

The food category of fun social media symbols will add more items to their family. Delish added further that this would mean that phone users can be able to utilize the new set to express what they feel, such as “feeling salty.”

The items soon slated for release can also be utilized to express the need for a morning bread. There are reportedly several possibilities on using emojis when sending what they feel to their friends.

Aside from the food-related emoticons, there are also others that Unicode Consortium is proposing. Other emoticons that are soon coming to smartphones are fire extinguishers, receipts, suitcases, and toilet papers. These icons can be used when sending the need for fire emergencies, for instance, Delish added.

Plus, the platform is also planning to release fun emoticons such as hero and villain figures, and an “inebriated” emoji with an odd-looking smile, the website added.

Microbe emoji?

There are more fun tools that are coming to the fans of the small-sized icons. Other new symbols planned for release are reportedly the microbe, Petri dish, abacus and evil-eye amulet emoticons.

There are also pickles, macaroni and cheese, and waffle icons that are gracing phones next year.

“In the meantime, phone users can combine individual emojis to create macaroni and cheese, such as the cheese symbol and the pasta symbol, and this will do,” Delish added in the article.

Another report on The Huffington Post stated that smartphones will soon have white-haired, bald and red-headed figures as well.

However, the technical committee that takes charge of the final decisions told Huffington Post that the decision will be released in early 2018.

A committee member told the news agency that there are three steps before they become final, namely the provisional, draft and final candidates for official release.