LG is rumored to launch its V30 smartphone at the upcoming IFA event, scheduled to take place on August 30th in Berlin. However, if recent rumors are believed to be true then the company might decide to abandon one of its most important and primary features of the V-series of smartphones, the Secondary display. The company will instead replace its secondary display with something known as “floating bar,” that as per multiple reports, will give users access to the features that were usually found existing in the secondary display. Another one of the significant upgrades that the upcoming V30 smartphone is speculated to carry is its camera.

The V30 will be the first smartphone to come equipped with f/1.6 aperture – which is specifically designed to deliver better photographs under low-lighting conditions.

Specs and features

The company introduced its V-series lineup of flagship smartphones back in October, 2015. They began this journey with their special V10 smartphone which came equipped with a 5.7-inch IPS LCD display and a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, along with a secondary display that equipped a 2.1-inch display with 1,040 x 160 pixels resolution. The South-Korean technology giant introduced its successor a year later in October 2016, which pretty much carried similar characteristics. The secondary Display Feature gradually came to be known as the primary highlights of LG’s V-series of flagship devices.

LG equipped its smartphones with a secondary display thereby providing users with an array of benefits such as quick access to shortcuts, staying notified with each stage, the ability to wake up the primary display in a jiffy and more. While the idea of a secondary display wasn’t new, it is LG that pushed the feature to be of mainstream importance.

However, it appears like LG has decided to break the cycle through the launch of its V30 smartphone in favor of something known as “floating bar.” It is still not known what exactly the purpose of the “floating bar” is going to be.

Release by the end of the year

According to the previous leaks, the LG V30 smartphone is expected to feature a tall primary display with an aspect ratio of 18:9.

The smartphone is going to further sport glossy back panels along with rounded edges as well. Like mentioned previously, LG is expected to introduce its V30 smartphone at the IFA, 2017 event scheduled to take place towards the end of this year.