LG has long been rumored to launch its high-end V30 smartphone after the annual IFA event on August 31. Ahead of the launch, the smartphone seems to have Leaked in forms of alleged press renders. The latest leak has been posted by well-known leakster from Venture Beat, Evan Blass. He took to his official Twitter account to show the device off its full detail, along with its design aesthetics and other factors that might exist. The upcoming smartphone will have competition with Apple's iPhone 8 and Samsung's Galaxy S8.

Features and specs details

On the basis of this leak, it can be assumed that the V30 is going to look a lot like LG’s G6, which the company announced earlier this year.

The LG G6 notably packs a taller form factor and an aspect ratio that seems to be carried on to the LG V30 smartphone as well. The smartphone also features smaller bezels on the sides, quite contrary to the prevailing rumors that suggested that the smartphone might feature a completely bezel-less look.

The leak also confirms the prediction that suggested that the V30 smartphone might not come with a secondary display. Instead, the device seems to have packed something called a ‘floating bar,’ that serves the same functionalities as the secondary display. The ‘floating bar,’ option consists of all the possible applications that the smartphone’s ‘secondary display’ carries. In terms of connectivity, the device ie expected to mark USB-C Type which will also help in the faster charging.

Design of the smartphone

Recently launched Galaxy S8 has been hailed for its design. To match on the design front of the Samsung device, LG could bring its V30 to be built out of metal, on the sides and the back as well – which undoubtedly falls in line with all the rumors. LG’s V-series of smartphones usually come along with the option of a removable back cover.

Similarly, it appears like the LG V30 too will sport a metal backing that could be easily removable as well. This further goes on to suggest that the smartphone’s battery will also be removable by nature. The device visibly packs a dual rear camera setup, which appears to be accompanied by a Dual-LED flash module. The smartphone also packs a fingerprint scanner on the rear panel – which is another detail that has been leaked in forms of rumors before.

The smartphone dons rounded corners – which is typical in most of the LG smartphones. Stay tuned for more technology updates.

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