Apple is expected to take the center stage this September as everyone braces for the newest iPhone models. A total of three models are coming this year; two of them are the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus which will succeed last year’s models. The third model is Apple’s 10th-year-anniversary edition called iPhone 8.

A lot of rumors and leaks have surfaced over the Internet about iPhone 8. But just recently, Bloomberg News finally got a hold of the latest details of the upcoming high-end Apple smartphone, let’s find out.

The new look of iPhone

According to the latest report, the Cupertino-based company will eliminate the concept of a home button.

This would make the iPhone 8 look like its main rival’s 2017 flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S8, which almost looks bezel-less. Removing the home button significantly changed the way iPhone looks.

By removing the physical home button, Apple has significantly changed the way iPhone has looked since day one. It will be replaced by a virtual home button that floats at the bottom center of the screen. To open the phone, users only need to drag this to the middle of the screen.

Like before, pressing the home button would also open multitasking interface. Tip, it closely resembles the iPad screen running iOS 11. So unlike the usual stack of icons, a redesigned appearance of carousel-like animated icons will appear at the bottom of the screen.

As for the OLED screen, it is slightly taller and bigger than the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus.

But since the upcoming phone is almost bezel-less, its overall size is closer to iPhone 7.

New and improved features

With the changes of the phone’s physical features, some specs were adjusted to make the layout still reflect Apple’s fashionable and classy design. Such features include stainless steel edges and glass curves, slimmer bezels, and longer power button.

Apple will also introduce reconfigured camera settings to provide better-augmented reality apps, improved scene, and object detection via Smart Camera. Using the front camera, users can use 3D facial recognition sensor to unlock the iPhone 8 and even make payments via Apple Pay. Facial recognition comes with a special infrared sensor allowing it to capture images even in darker places.

Finally, the iPhone 8 will be powered by a much faster A11 processor based on 10nm design. Also, since Apple is expected to roll out the upcoming iOS 11, all iPhone 8 models are expected to be preinstalled with the latest mobile operating system.