When it rains, it pours. Exactly the perfect quote that relates to the daily leaks we have been hearing from the developers, who’s been cracking down the HomePod firmware update since last July.

From what could be the most accurate representation of the next iPhone’s design, to its new added security feature of Facial Recognition. But it seems like the leaks have not stopped yet, as another Code has been discovered.

Effortless facial recognition

The newly unearthed code for the 10th-anniversary iPhone would reportedly be able to successfully detect facial features, even though the device is lying flat on its back.

The actual codes read “AXRestingPearlUnlock,” “com.apple.accessibility.resting.pearl.unlock,” “com.apple.accessibility.cache.resting.pearl.unlock,” “Retrieving pearl-resting unlock: %d,” and lastly “Set pearl-resting unlock: %d.”

This looks to add to the several leaks that support the speculations of Apple ditching Touch ID for facial recognition. Other than the codes mentioned above, Apple Insider has also reported codes such as "APPS_USING_PEARL" and "PEARL_AUTOLOCK," speculated to depict that Face ID would also be used to unlock several apps.

This leak, however, is not entirely new. Last month, Bloomberg reported that an anonymous source tipped them that Apple is developing a new and improved security system, that would be able to scan the user's face "within a few hundred milliseconds" and as stated in this article, has the capability of doing such task even by lying on a flat surface.

Beautiful iPhone 8 concept images

Now, after the ton of leaks of what the next flagship iPhone could look like, it is quite expected that there will be a ton of concept renders that will be released every now and then. Recently, graphic artist Martin Hajek has made several beautiful iPhone 8 concepts based on the past leaks of the iPhone 8 and the result of his work is actually stunning.

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As we previously reported here on Blasting News, a white colored iPhone has been ruled out for the next flagship smartphone for Apple. However, Hajek has still managed to create renders of the iPhones using all the currently available colors of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

From the iPhone’s most recent color variant the jet black, to gold, silver, matte black and even rose gold. The concept images even feature the predicted new vertically aligned dual cameras, as well as the top cut out which would house the rumored iris scanners for face detection.

What do you think about the latest concept renders of the next iPhone? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and stay tuned to Blasting News for your daily dose of tech news and updates!