Apple is poised to release three new mobile phone models this year, including the iPhone 8. The other two devices are refreshed variants of last year's handsets, namely the iPhone 7s replacing the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7s Plus replacing the iPhone 7 Plus. Since there are widespread rumors and high anticipation regarding the iPhone 8 flagship, consumers have almost ignored the other two devices that will share the stage.

The top-end phone from Apple is expected to sport a revolutionary Design when it launches, as it will come with much slimmer bezels and the absence of a physical Home button. It is also expected to sport the largest display ever in Apple's smartphone history.

When it comes to the design aspects of the other two Apple phones, not much is known.

Design of the refreshed Apple mobile phones

Apple is known to reuse design concepts for its iPhones year-over-year. The design of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus came under a lot of criticism from fans mainly because it reused the design introduced in 2014 for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. So, essentially Apple has been using the same external design of its smartphones since 2014. However, the company enhanced the specs in its new phones and also introduced new color options to attract customers.

The latest leak reveals that the next-gen Apple handsets will also keep the same design as its predecessors. This will be a cause of disappointment for many fans who were expecting the outer appearance of the devices to undergo an update alongside the internal updates.

The leak being referred to here emerged from Techno Buffalo and represents CAD drawings of both the impending refreshed handsets.

Hardware updates for the refreshed Apple smartphone

Even though the overall design of both the upcoming Apple smartphones will remain the same as that of its predecessors, there will be several internal and some external changes made to the next-gen phones. Firstly, similar to the iPhone 8, the other two refreshed handsets will sport glass backs, which will make them support wireless charging. Apple used its own custom A10 processor in the handsets released in 2016. All the three next-gen Apple mobile phones are expected to come with A11 processor. The devices are also expected to include higher capacity RAM and better camera. Customers will have to wait until September for Apple to officially launch the three handsets and reveal their exact specs.