For years, iPhone users have relied on jailbreaking their device in order to access libraries and resources outside of the App Store. Apple has since been in a constant battle with hackers and jailbreakers to ensure that only Apple-approved games, apps, themes, and tweaks are installed on the iPhone.

Lately, the table has turned in favor of Apple. Currently, there is no known jailbreak tool for iOS 10.3 and up. But, for iPhone users that still want to install games, apps, themes, and tweaks outside the App Store, there are several apps that offer the same service without the need to jailbreak their device.

One of them is Cyrus Installer which just recently released a version 2.

Cyrus Installer v2 features

The latest version of Cyrus Installer gives iPhone users access to libraries and resources outside of the App Store. These downloads are divided into six (6) categories, namely: Emulators, Entertainment, Social Media, Tweaked Apps, Themes & Tweaks, and Other Apps.

The Emulators section gives iPhone users access to retro games like "GBA4iOS" and "PPSSPP." The Entertainment section is designated for music and videos via Setbeat and AeroTV. The Social Media section is where modified social media apps like Snapchat and Spotify reside.

As the name implies, the Tweaked Apps section is where exclusive in-game content on Pokemon GO ++ among other apps and games are located, while non-jailbreak themes and tweaks can be found on the Themes & Tweaks section.

Finally, the Other Apps section is where the uncategorized apps, tweaks, and themes are placed.

Up-to-date support and features

One of the best things about Cyrus Installer v2 is the team behind the creation of this app. Cyrus team has always been accessible on Twitter answering queries and entertaining questions, comments, and suggestions from iPhone device users themselves.

They also use this social media platform regularly when announcing new additions, updates, and upcoming fixes among other things.

Another thing about Cyrus Installer v2 is that it does not only support Apple’s latest iOS version 10.3.3; it also supports the iOS 11 which is currently in its fifth beta version.

And yes, it also supports older iOS version as far back as iOS 7.

Tech website WCCFTech praised the latest Cyrus Installer v2 in bringing a new layout customization tool. This allows iPhone users to change or manage their device's look and feel, bringing improvement to the overall user experience making “Cyrus stand out of the list of its competitors”.