Several years ago, many iPhone users may have jailbroken their device as the features offered with many cool things that Apple cannot come up with. In the present days, those adorable features that users love so much are slowly getting away with Apple maturing their iOS.

The history of jailbreaking

The original purpose of iOS jailbreaking was simply to use an iPhone device on a different network rather AT &T. It was invented by a teen ager named George or know better as Geohot.

George managed to scramble the code the iPhone device’s baseband processor and open up his device to any carrier network.

After that experiment, the iPhone jailbreak grew rapidly, and even some of the latest iOS features were developed from jailbreak features.

The most dramatic part is that the first game on an iPhone before App Store even launched, was a jailbroken app. Furthermore, Jailbreak users were able to change their popular ringtones many years before Apple allowed users to install custom ringtones.

After that, Cydia and Ios Jailbreaking community lead the users to the golden age of jailbreak. The Cydia community was even an alternative place from the official App Store. They give users new tweaks that even Apple had not yet allowed inside their iOS.

In 2008, the creator of Cydia, Jay Freeman, claimed that Cydia was installed on 10% of all iPhones on the market, which showed just how admired jailbreak was at the time.

However, Apple was not happy with the era of jailbreaking.

Is jailbreak still alive?

Recently, Value Walk mentioned on their website that there are no public jailbreaks left and many things have changed the landscape of the community. Jailbreakers nowadays are seen as valuable security analysts as many of them were hired in the Apple work freelance community.

As for that jailbreaker that doesn't have a job, many of them sold their exploits to security firms for the price of $1 million. With Apple increase its safety, giving iOS jailbreak features for free is not as attractive as it was back in the time of its glory days.

Moreover, Saurik, who many believed to be the “Father of Jailbreaking,” stabbed the jailbreaking community at the back by writing a comment on Reddit.

In his comment, it stated that iOS 10 jailbreaks are not stable and reliable. He also claimed that the cycle was a debacle and hinted out the need of jailbreaking with modern iOS version is futile.

We all know that the reason it became popular was that Apple did not come up with desired features that fans asked for. However, with the latest iOS updates, it has a ton of features and millions of apps that fan can ever ask for.