Facebook-owned Instagram is getting a new and exciting feature. The company recently took to its official website to announce that they will be adding an ability to the photo-editing platform’s Comment threads, that will enable users to express themselves openly within the confines of that particular group. According to the announcement made by Instagram, the latest feature is only available on the iOS and desktop platforms of the app. Instagram also promised that an Android version of the feature will be made available in the coming weeks.

Everything users need to know about

The latest feature added by Instagram, is very much like the one found on Facebook.

On the social media platform, users can usually start a discussion on a picture or video post in the comment section itself. More users can join in with the discussion, and thus an organised thread will be maintained as they do. This feature is especially beneficial for users discussing important topics or friends beginning a light-hearted debate. It helps these users keep a track of the discussion. Moreover, if the users even want to go back to the thread and re-read the messages, which is also made easily possible through this feature.

Feature available on latest version

Interested Instagram users must download the latest version version 24 in order to avail this feature. It’s no rocket-science for sure, and users will not have a difficult time adapting to it. Just like how it works on Facebook, Instagram too will consist of the ‘Reply’ option on each of the comments posted on a picture or video.

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The users simply need to click or tap on it, and begin the comment thread. When another user replies to any comment, the former will immediately be notified regarding the same. This way, it won’t be long before the Instagram activity log is also filled with endless threads of comments. Meanwhile, the older technique wherein users would be required to mention other users in their comments in order to start a discussion will remain as it is.

In a time and day like this, where the ‘meme’ generation is ever-expanding, the comment-threading activity is pretty common. It is especially designed with the objective of making the user’s interaction more fun, exciting and efficient. Instagram also added a new ‘Live video’ feature to its platform lately. The users can now begin live-streaming that is only visible to their followers. This is the best way for a social media influencer to communicate and connect with their fans.