Honor has had a successful 2017 until now, with its mid-range launch of Honor 8 Pro and Honor 9 phones lastly taking the product outside the Huawei’s domicile. The Honor 6A is Honor’s best effort to review its achievement in the sensibly priced, sub-£160 market currently ruled by the Moto G5. On foremost observations, the Honor 6A doesn’t seem to coup the reigning winner, but it still looks admirable. Once more company articulates that you don’t require investing massively in order to purchase a decent Smartphone.

Design of the smartphone

The design isn’t going to thrill anybody, though. The phone seems to have a metal slab with smooth-edges and a color scheme that is somewhat grayish black.

There’s an Honor symbol underneath the 5-inch display and a neutrally thin bezel covering it. The ultimate upshot is an innocuous, but dull, looking phone. Also, shockingly, the phone sports no thumbprint scanner, although the similar model in China has one, which is slightly irksome, but justifiable, seeing the phone’s price.

Experts believe that the phone’s Battery Life would be pretty decent. Rumors say that Honor has seized a 3020mAh battery inside, considered to be satisfactory for even the most challenging of days. Moreover, Honor states that the battery inside ought to hold at least 80 percent of its overall capacity after two years of charging and discharging. In a façade, you will see a 5MP shooter with the usual beauty mode software. Furthermore, there is a 13MP camera with phase-detect auto focus on the back.

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Moreover, the screen will brighten in darker settings to act as a flash to brighten your late-night selfies.

Features and specs

The 720p resolution isn’t the high-pitched, but then again at this value, it’s good and more than purposeful. The screen sports a 5-inch LCD IPS section that gives an appallingly decent color imitation. It’s prominently greater than the horrible screen on the Nokia 3 and being IPS it has decent noticing perspectives. The Honor 6A is a direct stand-in in the cast list for previous year's Honor 5C, and for £150, it looks like a pretty amusing smartphone. It righteously has the styling you may anticipate to discover on the much costlier smartphone with a rock-solid build and EMUIs individual take on Android. Although, no fingerprint sensor is quite terrible, as we anticipated more, but sensibly not disappointing for people who are planning to not invest much.