Looking at the internet today, many readers expect to gain information for free, and publishers have come to understand this situation, henceforth a significant amount of advertisements found on websites. People are just not used to paying for articles, but what if it’s possible to change this mindset?

Google is working on a Tool that is designed to streamline subscriptions. It’s primarily about encouraging readers to subscribe to a website’s payment system for consuming content. If you’re all about reading stuff for free, then this is squarely against your beliefs, but it could influence your decision making.

Who is willing to pay and how much

The search giant aims to help publishers find out who is willing to pay for content, and how much they are willing to pay.


After that, the tool will accelerate the subscription process for the betterment of the publisher.

It’s not clear at this point exactly how the tool will get everything done, but in a statement to Bloomberg, Google says it would take advantage of both mobile payment and ad targeting services. Additionally, it should come as no surprise if Google allows users to skip many of the hassles that have to do with paying for content access.

Things have reached a point where news publishers are unable to live just on advertising alone, especially with the rise of ad-blocking services in recent years. Many users on the web have decided to integrate ad-block into their browsing experience, ultimately allowing themselves to consume all media without contributing to a website’s upkeep.

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So what’s the next step?

It’ll take some time for this tool or any other like it to take off. Eventually, users will have to decide if they want to read most websites freely without an Ad block service or pay a monthly fee to get rid of ads altogether.

Chances are, we are possibly looking at the end of the ad blocking service if Google gets its way with this latest tool for publishers. It may all depend on the number of websites that adopt the feature.

It’s an interesting tool that could one day slash the high need for advertisement on websites, ultimately cutting into Google’s profit. It makes us wonder why the search giant has decided to venture down this path, well, unless it has another major money maker product in the pipeline for the future.


The search giant might request a cut of the profits with every successful subscription, which is probably the only way for Google to make money from this venture.