Australian carrier Qantas Airways has introduced models of flight, which will be able to go on a long journey without any halt, a report by Bloomberg stated. Those going on frequent business trips almost always spend several hours on international flights, which cannot cover long distance without stops. These new flights will put an end to this problem.

A dream comes true: 18 hours non-stop trip New York from Sydney

The Qantas executives have been trying to offer a non-stop flight from Melbourne to London for many years. Now that the technology is more advanced, they have finally managed to work out a new non-stop model.

Boeing corporation and Airbus Se planned two new models, which will be able to provide a non-stop trip of over twenty hours from Sydney to London and also an 18-hour trip to New York across the Pacific Ocean.

According to the CEO of Quantas Alan Joyce, a new version of Airbus's A350, which has long range capacity, will be launched next year. On Friday, he asked the companies to increase the range of Boeing's new 777X. He hopes that by 2022, both airplanes will start carrying the passengers from Sydney to London.

Benefits of the non-stop flight

According to Bloomberg, the passengers who travel from Sydney to New York will be able to save three hours, and those who travel from Sydney to London will be able to save four hours.

Airbus said in a statement, "We’ll have the A350-900 ULR in service next year for ultra-long range flights of up to 20 hours." The company also said that they will work with Qantas to check the requirements of Sydney to London non-stop flight. Boeing is working with the Airbus's customers to understand their market demands and requirements of the fleet.

The long-range airplanes are very common nowadays. Earlier, Qantas had announced that it will start the non-stop flights from to London from Perth next year in March.

Singapore stopped using the Airbus A350-900ULR five years ago due to expensive fuel. However, from next year, it plans to resume the non-stop commercial flights to New York and Los Angeles.

Qantas and United Continental Holdings Inc. fly 16-hour flights every day.

On Wednesday, rival Air New Zeland said that by 2021, it would be able to fly non-stop flights to New York and Brazil, Reuters reported. In 1947, Qantas used the Lockheed Constellation to travel the Kangaroo route to London from Sydney. It took four days to finish the trip.