Fidget spinners have taken over the gadget scene for the past few months. Unfortunately, the popular toy gathered some negative publicity when news of one fidget spinner exploding. Following this incident, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) was prompted to issue a statement of caution as a warning. The safety guidelines were targeted for both manufacturers and consumers. It basically outlines how to practice safety around fidget spinners, especially those that contain metal and/or batteries.

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Pushed to take precautions

When one family in Alabama reported an explosion of a Bluetooth fidget spinner, it became enough reason for users, manufacturers, and authorities to take precautions.

According to the report, the device had been charging for less than 45 minutes when it burst into flames. The son, who was the owner of the gadget and was in the room when it happened, was able to put the fire out with water. Fortunately, the only damage was a mark left on the carpet.

Although the name of the model was not announced to the public, reports from the local news station said that the family tried to get in touch with the company. However, their efforts were a dead end. The unbranded toy simply had a "Made in China" stamp on the box with no other information on its manufacturer. Apparently, this is not unusual for items that are bought from online auction websites and budget stores.

Clearly, an oversight led to a number of generic electronic fidget spinners making their way into the market.

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Some of these even have questionable origins and poor build quality. The poor construction plus the volatile lithium-ion batteries are the probable cause of the explosion trouble.

A safety warning

The statement that was released today emphasized how these gadgets may pose a risk not only of explosions but also of choking in young children. CPSC's recommendation for consumers includes not letting children under the age of three play with the toy. For fidget spinners that are battery-operated, the commission suggests that it should be closely monitored when charging. In addition, it should not be left to charge overnight while sleeping. For extra safety, installing a smoke alarm should always come in handy in these circumstances.

The manufacturers are also reminded of the product requirements that need to be met before receiving safety certification for consumers. CPSC emphasized that the fidget spinners that are for use by children ages 13 and younger require a Children's Product Certificate. This certificate serves as proof that the product passed all the standards and met all the requirements such as non-inclusion of parts that can be a choking hazard and no lead-containing paint.