fidget spinners are hot toys that took children across the world by storm. A series of scary injury stories, however, has left a lot of parents wanting the toys to be pulled from the shelves.

Johely Morelos

After reading about the young girl from Texas who choked on a loose part on a fidget spinner, Johely Morelos spent a lot of time warning her five-year-old son Cayden about how dangerous the toy could be and how careful he needed to be when playing with it. Despite warning her son, the five-year-old still ended up putting a loose piece of the spinner in his mouth and swallowing it.

The 23-year-old mother from Oregon said she had told her son countless times to not put the toy in his mouth, but he obviously didn’t listen.

The hospital

Johely Morelos had to race her young son to the hospital, but the medical staff was not able to get the fidget spinner piece out of his chest. The boy was transferred to a different hospital where the loose piece had to be surgically removed from his chest. The mother talked about how scary it was to watch the staff put tubes down her five-year-old’s throat as he was puking up blood. She described how difficult it was for her to see her son in so much pain.

While Cayden has since recovered from the surgery, his mother wants these toys to be recalled and labeled properly.

In fact, she has taken to Facebook to share her story in order to warn other mothers about how dangerous these toys can be.

Not just choking

Choking isn’t the only hazard that parents have associated with this toy. A mother in Missouri shared a story about how her three-year-old got injured by a fidget spinner after a piece of the toy became stuck on his middle finger.

The boy had to be taken to the hospital where the doctors went through several different tools before they were able to cut the spinner off of the child.


While some have criticized these parents and claimed they should be watching their children better while playing with fidget spinners, criticism isn’t the reason these parents are coming forward with these scary stories.

These mothers are sharing these terrifying stories with the hopes of saving one parent and child from suffering a similar fate.

The real question is simple – should fidget spinners be pulled from shelves and labeled with more appropriate hazard warnings? Should these toys just be pulled from the shelves altogether? Let us know in the comment’s down below.