The masterpiece by the Dell Computers is equipped with a Ryzen 7 which is an 8 Core Central Processing Unit. Moreover, The Dell Inspiron also assume to be a pretty lightning fast machine. The color of the Dell's most powerful PC is not black and red but gray. Therefore the PC looks like a solid workstation display. However, all of the components of the PC are installed in the back, and it is a pretty powerful system.

The Case

The cover case of the PC is quite easy to open and adjust. There are just two screws to open the case comprising the primary system.

The configuration is loaded up with the Ryzen 71700, 16 GB of RAM and the RX 580 from the AMD. There is also the space for an M.2 stick of storage and a two and a half inch Sata Drive.


Performance is the key point by which the system excels. Moreover, any application that can take advantage of many cores is going to perform great on the Ryzen 7. The Ryzen 7 looks good for a single core stuff, but it is not the best. However, for the multi-core works, the eight cores works smooth and at best. If you do any 3D modeling, rendering, math or science software or the particular type of photo editing, this eight core system is incredibly going to do well.

Regarding gaming performance, you may not experience the smooth 4K gaming, but a solid performance at 1080 P can be experienced.

However, the gaming will not be the quite 60 frames per second.


CPU cores are essential for a lot of applications and software. Therefore, in term of pricing, the Ryzen 7 starts at $ 1000, but the configurations and customizations may take it up to $ 1800 and above.


The fans are quiet when idling but even under heavy load they do not get much load and overall is a pretty smooth device.

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Regarding the ports, there are seven USB ports while one of them is the primary type C at the back side. Moreover, there is also an HDMI in and out, so you can plug up a console to this thing to use the screen. There is also an SD card slot and headphone jack at the side of the main screen.

Front panel

The primary screen displays with the 4K have a cheaper 1080 p variant.

Moreover, the 4K IPs panel gets pretty bright with color. The display is a matte finish, and it is not a touch sensitive. The display can be helpful for content creation and casual gaming, but the prominent feature about the screen is the bezels. Bezels are the super thin, and it just keeps the whole device looks pretty.